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Want to experience a few of the activities from an intensive aphasia program without leaving your home?

Introducing MyAphasiaCoach, innovative software developed by the top private intensive aphasia program in the United States using their learning techniques to make more progress faster.

What makes MyAphasiaCoach so different?

Integrates all aspects of language in the same program, so you make progress faster
Programs become progressively easier or more challenging, so you're always learning at a level that's right for you

Affordable pricing so you can maximize your therapy budget. No therapist needed!
Take your therapy anywhere. You can access your programs from your phone, iPad, or computer with an internet connection

Designed by an intensive aphasia therapy expert, so you get the most out of your therapy

Now you can experience the same exercises used by clients of the intensive aphasia program at The Aphasia Center for home practice. Did you know that expertly-designed software can enhance and accelerate learning, or neuroplasticity, in aphasia?

Are you ready to challenge your brain and use your language skills in real life? Then let's get started!

Which program is right for me?


You will improve speech, reading, and understanding through 8 video levels for only



You will boost reading, writing, and understanding skills with over 10, 000 selected exercises for only



Accelerate recovery of all of your language skills with access to over 10, 000 exercises and over 280 videos for only


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