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Anywhere, anytime
Improve your language anywhere. Conveniently work from your phone, tablet, or computer with an internet connection.
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Maximize your therapy time and budget. Work with a therapist or at home using our expert treatment approach.
Your own aphasia expert
My Aphasia Coach is created, researched, and adapted daily with intensive therapy patients. You get intensive therapy expertise in the comfort of your own home.
The ultimate way to retrain your brain
Expert integration of reading, writing, speaking, and understanding in each exercise to support and increase language learning.
The perfect level of challenge
Exclusively at My Aphasia Coach! Always learn at your perfect level with automatic difficulty settings. Exercises automatically become more or less challenging.
Always free for speech therapists
Assign patient homework, assess skills, and monitor progress all in one place FREE.

What makes My Aphasia Coach so different?

Do you believe everyone with aphasia should have an opportunity to get the best treatment? So do we. My Aphasia Coach software provides expert help at home.

Work on the same aphasia software programs that intensive program patients use for homework every day. To work more independently, all exercises begin at the easiest level with the most help. The more you answer correctly, the more challenging the work becomes so that you are learning, not just pushing buttons.

About us

Dr. Bartels is a published aphasia researcher, presenter, author, and founder of The Aphasia Center Intensive Aphasia Program in St. Petersburg, Fl. She is an aphasia diagnostic and treatment expert with over 12 years of daily aphasia experience. She created My Aphasia Coach software to help more families get the treatment help that they need to reach their recovery goals.

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Now you can use the same aphasia software exercises as the patients at our intensive aphasia program. Did you know that expertly-designed aphasia software can enhance and accelerate neuroplasticity in aphasia? Try it for free!
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Improve speech - words and sentences.

Over 1,100 speech videos.

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Improve speech - words and sentences.

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Over 1,200 speech videos.
Over 45,000 exercises.

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$19.99 /Month

Improve speech - words and sentences.

Over 1,200 speech videos.
Over 45,000 exercises.

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