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Hi, I'm Dr. Bartels, and I created the My Aphasia Coach app and software as homework to help my intensive program clients. I realized that the more my clients worked on their own for homework, the faster we could tackle other skills in-person to make better progress. We use this software every day at The Aphasia Center, and you can now use it at home, too, to work on some of the same therapy activities.

Why create my own software?

When we started this project in 2017, there weren't many options for apps or software for aphasia. We used a few of those occasionally at the Center, but nothing did exactly what I needed it to do. There were a lot of exercises that didn't actually contribute to a client's progress and were essentially busy-work. They also needed a lot of therapist intervention to adjust exercises for individual clients. That's why I made our software do all of the work--each exercise begins at an easier level and automatically adjusts to your perfect level so that you're learning and not just pushing buttons. Each exercise is also in each Aphasia Level, so you can work on a skill and advance to a higher level within the same software.

This software and app are free for Speech Therapists. I was frustrated when I wasn't sure if an app was right for my client and had to buy it first to try it out. My Aphasia Coach also contains all language skills areas and levels, so you don't have to buy several different apps to work on different skills.

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