Software for Faster Aphasia Progress

Expert therapy you can do from home for stroke and brain injury rehabilitation

Does Aphasia Software Really Work?

Aphasia CAN and DOES improve.

There is no time limit for progress.
Some doctors or therapists will tell you that you only have 6 months after your stroke or brain injury to get better. But that’s not true.

There is no plateau.
How do I know this? I’m Dr. Bartels, and I’ve helped families with aphasia full-time since I founded The Aphasia Center Intensive Treatment Programs 15 years ago. I’ve worked with every type of aphasia, every severity of aphasia, people from 14 to 92 years old, and people who’ve had aphasia for 7 days up to 20 years since their brain injury or stroke.

If you’re wondering if software can help you get more practice, it can. It’s an easy way to get more therapy from an expert while working at home. Numerous studies and my professional experience have shown that frequent use of aphasia software helps you make progress faster than those who do not use software for practice.

How It Works


Sign up for free

Create an account. Choose between a learner with aphasia,
or a Speech-Language pathologist account.

Get Started

3 Ways to Begin Learning

Take a placement quiz, follow recommendations by your type of aphasia, or explore on your own.


Connect with your speech therapist

Add your Speech Therapist to receive home and track progress in Homework.


Work Independently

Explore and find your work in My Tasks

Find your saved videos and recent exercises in one easy place on the home screen.


Keep up the momentum

Take a placement quiz, follow recommendations by your type of aphasia, or explore on your own.

What Do Speech Therapists Think?

The best aphasia app
As a therapist, a lot of my clients ask about apps or other things they can do at home to help their loved one. This is an app I feel confident recommending to all of my clients with Aphasia. It’s user friendly and there are a variety of tasks for all levels of Aphasia. Great app!


Love this app!
My Aphasia Coach is the perfect app with tasks geared towards everyone with Aphasia! The tasks are challenging enough to keep interest, but not so challenging that they’re frustrating. I would recommend this app to anyone with Aphasia!

Karen Wendell

Functional and Motivating!
My Aphasia Coach has more functional tasks than I’ve seen from other aphasia based apps. The tasks work directly on foundational skills in all areas of speech and language. The app provides enough help for my clients to be successful independently, which is so motivating! Highly recommend!

D. Volker

The perfect level
I struggled finding an app that was not too hard and not too easy. My Aphasia Coach finds a perfect level and gives the right amount of help and just the right amount of challenge to keep it interesting.

Martha Prichett

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