Frequently Asked Questions

I am a speech therapist or a doctor

Please see our page for professionals.

Where should I start?

Choose your level (Beginning, Emerging, or Challenging), then choose a skill area (Reading, Writing, Speech, or Listening). You will then see the activities available at that level.

How does your software help my aphasia?

You have probably heard of neuroplasticity, which is a way of talking about learning. You learn by practicing language exercises at a level that is challenging but not frustrating. This software repeats some of the same photos and words across many different tasks so that you are practicing the same thing in different ways. We are helping your brain create new connections.

How has it helped people with aphasia?

We developed this software to use as homework for our intensive aphasia clients. Clients who use the software 20-30 minutes daily every day show greater gains in all language areas. This allows them to move to more challenging work without using therapist time.

Why doesn't the sound always play automatically?

The creators of the web browsers we use today has changed the browser to require that you interact with the page before it plays a sound or a video. This has done this to stop annoying ads. The downside is that it also breaks some applications like My Aphasia Coach that needs to be able to play sounds and videos automatically.


Apple Safari 11 gives users control over which websites are allowed to auto-play video and audio. Click on the Safari menu, then the option "Settings for this website". Set "Auto Play" to "Allow all Auto Play".


Go to chrome://settings/content/autoplay or chrome://settings/content/sound depending on which version of Chrome you have. Click on the add button on the same line as the word Allow. In the popup enter


Click on the padlock in the url next to where it says https://myaphasiacoach. Then click on the arrow pointing to the right, then the word "More information". Click on the Permissions icon. Change the Autoplay setting to allow audio and video.

Why did the sound stop working?

Every exercise becomes harder the more you answer correctly. Exercises begin with a lot of help, and as you get better, some of that help stops. Your choices become harder, and the sound isn’t used anymore. Making the exercises harder will help your aphasia improve faster.

How to Use Speech Videos?

  1. Choose a video based on your speech level
  2. Listen to the word or sentence the therapist says. Repeat with the therapist. Each word/sentence is said 3 times.
  3. If needed, play the video again and say the words with the therapist.
  4. After the video has ended, try to say the words by yourself.
  5. You can also write the words if you need a more challenging task and orally read the words
The speech videos do not have feedback at this time, you practice these by yourself, with a caregiver or therapist, or record your speech Speech videos can be used with clients with severe apraxia to severe fluent aphasia. Fluent aphasia users must be able to repeat words with some accuracy to use these videos.

Videos are intended to increase user independence to produce specific words or phrases when needed without help over time.

How does this software work?

We made the exercises so that they all start off with more help, then take away some of the help to make it harder over time. If you get several correct, it makes the exercise harder. If you miss a few answers, it will make it easier automatically. This way you are always working at the most challenging level.

What do I need to be able to run the software?

This software is internet-based, so you will need an internet connection. You can access the software from your phone, Ipad, laptop, computer or other internet-connected device.

Do I need to have a speech therapist to set this up or monitor it?

We understand that not everyone has access to a qualified aphasia therapist, so we developed this software to make it easier to understand each task without a therapist. However, you can add your speech therapist if you’d like by clicking here.

Will you be adding more skills and activities?

Yes, we are always working on upgrading and adding more activities to the software.

Do I need any extra equipment?

No other equipment is needed at this time.

Can I use this software on my Ipad?

Yes. It's available for download in the Apple App Store.

Can I use this software on my Android tablet?

Yes. It's available for download in the Google App Store.

How Do I Cancel My Subscription?

Cancellation is hassle-free, and is managed in iTunes if you signed up on your iPad, or on our website otherwise. Just click here.

Do I get a partial refund when I cancel?

No, subscriptions are prepaid for the full period, and are not refunded. The billing agent controls this.

The On Screen keyboard on my tablet is hiding the done button

You can either try using the tablet in portrait, or press the return key on the keyboard on the screen. © 2014-2019 Phasic Software, LLC · Privacy Policy · Terms of Service · About · F.A.Q.